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Learn more about being at the heart of Operations

I work in the Management Information team overseeing Data Analytics, and we’re right at the heart of Operations. Our team has a treasure trove of data at our fingertips, and the tools to transform that data into actionable insights that help the business better manage risk and improve performance. The data we work with spans the entirety of Operations, ranging from transaction and settlement data to controls and reconciliations. Want to know how to increase your straight-through-processing (STP) rate or reduce financing costs? We’re ready to help.

Our role requires us to go beyond reporting into the analytics side of Management Information. This allows us to pick apart and dig deeper into historical data and find patterns. We’ll then use that learning to inform future strategic, tactical and operational decision-making.

What I love is the breadth of what we do. And using data to answer questions. I think that’s something which is really key to a successful career in Operations: being someone who’s curious about data, and how it can help solve problems. To us, data connects all the dots. That’s why we have to truly examine and understand it, then transform it into useful information.

What I love is the breadth of what we do.

And that groundwork isn’t just limited to junior team members; people of all levels get involved. We work at a problem, and work with the data, until we’ve solved it. Sometimes that means calling on your colleagues, other times it’s just about putting in the hours. But no matter what, we’re in it together.

Why did I choose Barclays? For me, it was about pride and balance. Throughout the interview process, I could see that my potential future colleagues were so proud of the firm and their contributions to it – it made me want to be part of it all. Sure, the work is demanding, but there’s always a balance. Barclays is accommodating and flexible in how you get things done, so I’ve never felt like the quality of my personal life has been compromised.