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Find out what its like to be a Compliance Analyst, and hear all about the development opportunities on offer. 

I interned at Barclays in 2018, and I knew then it was a great culture fit. Everyone is invested in your development, even outside your own team: I could email anyone in the business and they’d come and discuss both their career and mine. The people I work with care about me as a person, not just as someone who can help them complete a task.

Today, working in Compliance, I’m often advising senior leaders on whether something complies with regulation or our internal policies. I also answer queries from the business about daily transactions, and have a few side projects happening at the same time: everything from developing new processes to leading training sessions for our team.

People at Barclays genuinely care about your development.

One of my career highlights so far has to be when I was asked to join the EMERGE Reverse Mentoring Program committee, which gives junior Barclays employees the opportunity to speak directly to key senior colleagues. Not only does this give our colleagues a voice, it also allows senior colleagues to gain unique insight from those in the early stages of their career at Barclays. For example, senior colleagues get the chance to learn how our new employees feel about diversity at the bank, and what it’s like working at home. It’s really important all our colleagues are heard, which is why we’ve had most of the Americas Executive Committee lead a session, including the Americas CEO. I can’t imagine another company where the Americas CEO and many senior colleagues would listen to my advice for an hour.

It’s been clear to me from the start that people at Barclays care about your development and progression – whether that’s connecting you with the right people, helping you come up with development plans, or just talking to you about your role. More than that, managers are very engaged with giving feedback and will make sure you’re gaining the tools you need for your future. After all, Barclays always strive to be better, something that makes me proud to work here.