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Study for a qualification as an apprentice, whilst gaining the confidence to drive key projects.

How did you end up applying for the programme?

Choosing this apprenticeship was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. There are so many opportunities here, and I feel that my future is secure.

After my A-Levels, I was studying Professional Accounting. I was in my second year, and had just taken my January exams, but I’d started to feel that university just wasn’t for me. I decided to leave to find a new opportunity. In particular, I was keen on securing an apprenticeship. When I started looking on all the various websites, this one jumped out at me.

Can you tell us about your time with Barclays so far?

So far it’s great. It’s exactly what I wanted – being able to learn and perform on the job. When I first arrived I spent time learning what my department does and the different types of processes and stakeholders. I quickly started to be given responsibility, which really helped me feel part of the team.

What kind of work are you doing at the moment?

My team is responsible for managing all the value added features that are packaged with bank accounts or purchased from the Barclays Feature Store. We value our customers very highly, and we always look to give them the products they value, along with the best possible experience. As part of this, we manage our vendors and suppliers quite closely. I visit colleagues in various branches too, because they’re the ones who actually offer our products to the customers.

What have been your biggest achievements to date?

I’ve gained the confidence to pick work up and drive projects. I’ve completed a few big deliverables during my time here, and I’ve received great recognition for this. I’m also proud that I was able to finish my apprenticeship qualification within a very short time. It’s great that you can progress at your own pace here.

In a few words, why would you recommend the Barclays Apprenticeship?

Because it’s the chance to kick-start your career by gaining experience while studying for a qualification. You’ll have loads of opportunities to study further and work in different business areas. There’s no better way to start your career – and it’s all debt free.

What’s next for you?

My short-term goal is to get set and become a subject matter expert within my role. Long term, I plan to enrol on a new scheme that will allow me to study and gain a degree. I’ve got a lot to look forward to here.

Finally, what would you say it takes to succeed on the programme?

A good attitude is always important, and you must at all times be willing to learn. It’s also key to voice your opinion and network whenever you can, because it helps to get your face out there.