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Learn more about the life of a Technology Analyst 

While studying for my master’s degree in Computer Science, I decided it was time to set my career in motion. I started researching companies that stood out to me, which is when I found Barclays. I’d done some initial reading on the firm, its rich legacy, the services it provides customers and the core values, which sparked my interest even more. Then, when I attended my interview at the Whippany Technology campus, everything fell into place. The feel of the campus was incredible, and the colleagues I met showed me the potential of a Barclays career and I was ecstatic when I received a graduate position.

In the Technology sector, things are constantly changing. With new software and constant developments coming in to play every day, there are always new technologies to explore. I’ve learnt to adapt to the fast-paced and rapidly evolving environment, and am working on honing my problem-solving skills. From implementing and deploying software updates to working on services that affect millions of people, no two days are the same.

The dynamic culture here means we’re always looking to what’s next.

My team is always encouraging me to suggest new ideas that will impact the business. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than delivering impactful work that helps me grow as a professional, while working alongside so many talented individuals with excellent work ethics. Barclays’ core values are integrated thoroughly at each and every step along the way.

The dynamic culture here means we’re always looking to what’s next. As a graduate, I get to work with exciting tools and technologies, as well as contributing to solving real-world problems. The rotational aspect of the programme has meant I can experience different teams to gain a greater breadth of experience, as well as seeing the bigger picture of how each team works together to ensure each and every customer received a high-quality service.

I love working in a challenging yet supportive environment. I know that I can push myself outside my comfort zone, implement and maintain new modules in the vast ecosystem my team manages, testing new technologies and discovering ways to further impact our customers, while having the full support of my team behind me. I’m surrounded by inspirational people who are pushing the boundaries of technology and I’m so proud to be playing my part in making a difference for our business.