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Find out what brought Benjamin to work on the trading floor at Barclays

After graduating from a French engineering school, I went to study nuclear science in Beijing. While attending a conference there, I realised I didn’t want to wait to see the impact of my work. Two years later, I went to the London School of Economics and discovered the world of Quantitative Analytics, where I could use my knowledge in sciences in a fast-moving environment.

Having studied mathematics and physics, I’ve always liked understanding things in detail. As a Quantitative Analyst (QA), I learn all about the ins and outs our business by working with multiple financial models across the bank . On a daily basis you’ll find me on the trading floor, supporting trading and structuring for the business of indices, developing a python library for pricing/risking structured products, and working on mathematical models for jump-diffusion products. It’s challenging, but you get in-depth training for any technical skills needed and plenty of support from everyone around you.

Joining Barclays is an opportunity to work with skillful, genuine colleagues.

Before becoming a QA I did an internship, and a particularly interesting project was when I delivered a tool for gamma trading to interest-rates option traders. Once I finished developing the tool, by simply looking at the numbers I could see how much this work could save them. The team really liked it, and I was proud of it too.

For me, the most rewarding part of my role is supporting the business – it’s motivating, fast-paced and you can see your impact immediately. What’s more, joining Barclays is an opportunity to work with skilful, genuine colleagues. The company is full of diverse, humble and friendly people.