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Hear from Charlie as he shares his experience working in Financial Crime Compliance

I’ve always had an affinity with Barclays as a company. Growing up, my mum worked as a cashier in a Barclays branch and was always incredibly positive about the company, the culture and working environment. I’m really glad to say the experience I have now certainly supports that too.

On a day-to-day basis, I’m responsible for ensuring that the bank adheres to International Sanctions by assessing and helping to implement controls to stop transactions that defy these restrictions. I also produce detailed presentations for senior managers within Financial Crime Compliance to help them better manage the sanctions risks faced by the bank.

What I most enjoy about the work is my interaction with such a diverse, smart and engaging set of colleagues. People are incredibly approachable and knowledgeable in everything they do and that helps to create an enjoyable atmosphere when you’re working.

There’s so much to be proud of, working for Barclays.

The culture here is truly exemplary. Being a graduate, I’m always full of questions when I‘m seeing something new, which is often, and every time something crops up, I’m constantly encouraged in asking those questions. It just demonstrates the culture of curiosity that Barclays has.

On top of that, the training has been fantastic. When we all first started as graduates we were given a two-week long induction course, which really helped my whole cohort, no matter our degree backgrounds, to get a good detailed understanding of the bank and its operations.

I really value everything Barclays stands for, particularly the support they offer along with the opportunities to develop in your career. As an organisation, they’ve always been incredibly accommodating, whether it’s working from home or being flexible with other needs, I really cannot sing their praises enough. There’s so much to be proud of, working for Barclays.