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Hear from Estia about her role in Research, and the array of learning opportunities she has experienced

I grew up abroad, but my family settled in the UK in 2013. I then went to Durham University and studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, graduating in 2019. During university summer break, I interned at a few financial institutions including Barclays – and had a brilliant first experience of the bank, that really helped me in my decision to come and work here

The key thing about my internship was that I was able to network with various people across the Bank very early on - thanks in large to an initiative where interns get to meet senior members of the firm. I got on well with my team too – so well, in fact, that I’m now working with them full-time in European Internet Equity Research.

The best part of my job really is my team.

The best part of my job really is my team. I’m working with bright, passionate people, and it’s really quite humbling to work with colleagues who are, in many cases, the most qualified and informed experts in their research field. The scale of the investment and retail bank too means there’s always going to be someone you can learn from all sorts of different areas across the organisation.

I’m constantly learning too: for instance, our department runs weekly teach-ins on economics to help us equity analysts stay in the loop on the wider market. I’ve also enrolled in a 4-month online course called Data Science with Python, sponsored by our Global Tech Training team.

You grow a lot in your role early on: my department have let me lead projects very quickly in my career. As an example, another graduate and I held a 40-person networking event only four months into our time at Barclays, where we invited junior clients from the City and West End to meet with Barclays Research Junior Analysts. You feel like you’re part of a very trusting environment, when you’re part of projects like that.