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Learn more about being an Internal Audit Graduate Analyst at Barclays

Before joining Barclays, I studied Psychology at university. It was there that I realised I was more interested in the data side of research, rather than the theory. I took a year out after graduating and came across Barclays Internal Audit. I spotted familiar ground: planning and conducting testing, and writing reports. It sounded perfect, so I took the leap and now here I am.

Internal Audit is great for someone like me who isn’t from a financial background. It’s allowed me to get an oversight of each area of the bank, specifically Compliance and HR in my current rotation. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work with different teams on related audits, as well as the community spirit when getting involved in department and Barclays-wide community projects.

Volunteer yourself for opportunities big or small, and the experience you gain will be fantastic

The best thing about my journey with Barclays so far is how my confidence has grown. The work environment – both within Internal Audit and the bank as a whole – is really supportive and lives up to its ideals of creating opportunities to rise. Right from the start, you get plenty of training that focuses on your development and building up professional skills like leadership, listening, and providing and receiving feedback. It’s really helped me when interacting with colleagues or managers, giving me the confidence to take on opportunities not just within my team, but in the wider department as well.

My advice for others? Be open. Be willing to get involved with anything and everything. The best way to learn the business and to develop in whatever role you choose is to ask questions and be engaged. Volunteer yourself for opportunities big or small, and the experience you gain will be fantastic.