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From meeting with fund managers, to conducting market research. Find out what you could do in our Markets and Research graduate programme

I studied Economics and Econometrics at the University of Nottingham and applied to Barclays Spring Week programme in my first year. At the end of that week, I gained a place on the summer internship programme, where I chose to intern in the Wealth Management and Investments department (WM&I).

That internship provided me with a holistic overview of the department, but it also gave me the opportunity to talk to various teams and colleagues, expanding my understanding of the potential business areas, career paths and professional exams I might take. I’ve had that experience on the graduate programme too: the size of the bank allows you to explore different departments and build a network of contacts in different areas.

After the eight-week internship, I joined the graduate programme, and one of the major reasons I chose it was for the structure of the Wealth Management and Investments graduate programme. You’ve got the ability to sit the IMC and CFA exams over the course of the programme, plus the rotations you do really provide you with the chance to build a strong foundation of technical and soft skills.

The best part of my job really is my team. I’m working with bright, passionate people.

My day-to-day responsibilities have changed throughout my rotations. In my first rotation I was responsible for meeting with fund managers and exchange-traded fund providers, as well as on-boarding products. In my second rotation, I was responsible for building customer models, dealing with external clients and writing SQL queries. Now, in my final two rotations, I’m conducting market research, assisting the departmental CEO office and liaising with business managers across Wealth Management and Investments.

 The best thing about my journey so far really has been the responsibility you’re given when you rotate through the different teams, and the people you meet along the way. I’ve had exposure to senior colleagues, interaction with external clients and asset managers, and I’ve presented to colleagues across WM&I. The rotations mean adapting quickly – but it’s made so much easier by the support and trust of the teams you meet.