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An avid learner's job is never done

Barclays already had a reputation for pushing boundaries in technology, when I joined the team seven years ago and took up the challenge to explore the unknown.

With every challenging project there were eager and talented mentors to guide me through. There was a constant eye on new and emerging technologies and an appetite to adopt them.

Over my time here I learned AWS, Docker, DevOps, Scripting and NodeJS to name a few. There are plenty of opportunities to grow into a leadership role and you get to use your career path. I chose to progress into more technical roles and was always supported.

Being able to bring your best to work has always been a Barclays belief. I had an amazing experience throughout my maternity and early motherhood. Barclays has extensive policies for dynamic working, which has helped me achieve work-life-balance.

I was recently awarded the 'Top 50 Women Achievers Award' as recognition of my work at Barclays.  An avid learner's job is never done and I feel like I'm at the right place.