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Every woman at Barclays brings with them a wealth of skills and experiences. We are celebrating each story and each voice, creating a workplace that’s truly inclusive for all.

We’re  a business that chooses to challenge the status quo – to ensure every female colleague can thrive. This International Women’s Day, we’re recognising the impact inspirational women have, the changes they’re making to shape our future, and how they’re supporting each other on this journey.

Respecting our differences

We’ve worked hard to develop a culture we’re proud of, and one that transcends throughout our global business. Sara’s seen this after joining us as an intern back in 2018, and she’s been helping our business grow ever since.

"The Barclays culture is all about respect. Whether it’s respecting each other’s nationalities, beliefs or gender, this is enforced from the top down, and can be seen within every team. But it’s not just our senior leaders’ responsibility to drive change. In a corporation as big as Barclays, there are plenty of opportunities for junior colleagues to begin these conversations too." – Sara Jagosova, Investment Banking Analyst.

Starting as we mean to go on

Megan wanted to get her career off to a flying start; to create a successful future for herself and find a career where she’d impact customers, clients and colleagues around the world. Becoming a Risk and Compliance apprentice has helped her do just this. She may be at the start of her career, but this really is just the beginning – and we can’t wait to see what impact she’ll have as a future leader.

“The Barclays apprenticeship programme stood out to me due to the high diversity and gender equality seen within Barclays. Here, I’m expanding my qualifications while gaining experience – all in a well-established company that’s committed to helping me succeed.” – Megan Holt, Risk and Compliance apprentice.

Impactful, meaningful careers

Meaningful careers are just part of life at Barclays. We offer the kind of opportunities where employees can take a role and make it their own, impacting everyone from customers to their fellow colleagues along the way. Just like Foreign Exchange Analyst, Melissa, has by supporting the delivery of new mentorship opportunities.

“By contributing to the 2020 LEAD Mentorship Programme, I helped match more than 450 junior female mentees with senior mentors across the firm. It was incredible to see so many colleagues get involved, and it really reinforced how strongly senior members of Barclays believe in the development and success of rising female talent.” – Melissa Bosem, Foreign Exchange Analyst.

The power of mentoring

From buddies to talent coaches to peer mentors, as each new colleague steps through our doors, they’re surrounded by a network of colleagues who’ll champion their development. Eight years into her Barclays career, Nahid is a proud mentor herself.

“Being a mentor, it's been wonderful to see how colleagues are encouraged to help others within Barclays through coaching, mentoring and developing talent. For me, this is another great example of Barclays truly supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace.” – Nahid Ishaq, Senior Corporate Governance Manager.

Supporting each other through it all

This past year, our working parents have taken on a whole new challenge: balancing home-schooling and their careers. Parents – like Sara – were encouraged to speak up to ensure they felt supported, both personally and professionally.

“As a working parent, home-schooling and working during the pandemic have challenged me in ways I never imagined. I was open and honest with my managers and was given the space and support needed to ensure I felt safe and able to spend time with my children when it mattered most. So, I never had to compromise at work or home.” – Sara Rowland, HR Business Partner.

 Stepping into the future as one global team

From Hilda Harding, the first female Bank Manager, to present day, supporting the women of Barclays and providing them with the platform to create life-changing impact has been central to our business. And we aren’t stopping here. Alongside our inspiring, female colleagues and male allies, we’ll continue taking steps forward and we’ll always choose to challenge. Not just today, but for the generations of women who'll step through our doors.