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An interest in investments and being a people-person led to Jae-In choosing Private Bank as a graduate

My route to starting my graduate role at Barclays was a little bit different. Having done my first internship in Compliance, I wasn’t sure if this pathway really suited my strengths and my personality, but I loved the people and the culture at Barclays and wanted to stay within the firm if possible after completing my degree

Luckily, I had an opportunity to complete another internship in the Private Bank the following summer, and haven’t looked back since – that’s where I work now. I’m glad that I took the risk in trying a different business area, because it gave me more certainty as to what I want and don’t want in my career, and Barclays was very accommodating of that. Internal mobility is still encouraged and junior and senior colleagues move across departments all the time.

I chose to work in finance because I’m interested in investments and I’m a people-person. The great thing about the Private Bank is that it combines the two and allows you to spend a lot of time meeting and speaking to clients, advising them on various investment and credit solutions.

I loved all three rotations, so I’m excited to see where I end up next.

Knowing I’ve helped clients, and having them reach out to thank me, is one of the things I take most pride in. It’s exceptionally rewarding when clients take time out of their days to reach out to me or my manager, appreciating the hard work I’ve done to, for instance, write a fund commentary or resolve a payment issue. You feel like you’re making an impact in what you do.

Plus, the beauty of the Private Bank’s graduate programme is that you rotate across three different teams, all of which will enhance different skill sets and expose you to various colleagues across the business. I was fortunate enough to love all three rotations, so I’m excited to see where I end up next. Hopefully I can make use of all the skills I’ve developed over the past two years.