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Hear how a Higher Apprenticeship allowed Megan to pursue the degree she wanted, whilst allowing her the flexibility to focus on her family too

Working and studying while caring for my daughter has always been a balancing act. I started university after school, but with so many moving parts, it just didn’t work out. After a few years, I came across the Barclays Higher Apprenticeship and it offered everything I wanted – and so much more. Here, I could study towards the degree I’d always wanted, all while pursuing a career with a world-renowned bank and still having my evenings and weekends to focus on my family.

Right from the start, I could see that Barclays invests in and cares for their colleagues – and for those on the Higher Apprenticeship, it’s no different. Even during the application process, I felt valued and encouraged, which I’d never experienced before. Through a variety of rotations, countless training sessions and leaders to learn from, I’ve been exposed to many opportunities to progress within the bank.

I’ve always loved thinking critically to solve a challenge, so my role in the Operations team is perfect. We’ll often receive complex queries that need to be investigated and decoded. This means I talk to a lot of different teams as I work to solve the case. There’s no feeling like deciphering the problem and delivering a result.

I’m proud to work with a company that invests so heavily in their people.

Alongside my team, we contribute to our clients’ successes too. It’s our job to make sure they have the correct documentation in place. Being able to help on projects that have a tangible impact just reinforces the difference I can make as an apprentice, and I know my team are always there when I need a helping hand.

I don’t only feel supported in my team – I’m supported from a business-wide level too. At Barclays, we have loads of different networks to get involved in. For me, the networking group has been the most valuable, which has connected me with countless colleagues. I’ve also been on a variety of training courses to ensure I continue to develop. As an apprentice, I learn new skills every day to carry forward in my career.

I’m proud to work with a company that invests so heavily in their people. The apprenticeship is a fantastic launchpad for your career, no matter your age. Each individual’s growth is championed right from the top down, and I can honestly say I’ve been constantly encouraged to learn and grow. My advice when joining us? Don’t be afraid to speak up – everyone’s opinion is valued and respected.