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Learn more about the Global Markets Operations business in Whippany

We support a broad range of initiatives across Global Markets Operations in the US,
including regulatory, business growth and transformational. For example, we help to streamline our infrastructure, so we can in turn enhance control automation and provide better customer experience. Sometimes it might just be a small change, but it can have incredible impact on how Barclays operates.

In my eyes, the best part of this role is the people. I like building up relationships with those on each project, making sure the right people are involved to ensure appropriate decision making and we’re on top of everything. It’s great seeing things through from start to finish, and having tangible outcomes.

There’s no shortage of responsibility in Operations. You’re constantly working on initiatives that bring fresh challenges, and the amount of support you get from management is incredible.

This is how it usually works: we’ll break into sub-teams with the subject matter experts and
our technology counterparts, and then start diagramming processes together. We’ll often
huddle around a smart TV and brainstorm our ideas or untangle a tricky problem. The different teams work side by side, so instead of having to email or call someone, you can just stroll over to them on the Whippany Campus. It’s a simple thing, but makes life so much easier.

Culturally, it’s really refreshing on the campus. Senior management are visible and they mean what they say. There’s proper investment in our development, lots of support to grow/develop new skills and opportunities to demonstrate them.