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Hear from Rachel as she shares her experiences as an analyst based in Radbroke

The Barclays Graduate Programme offered me the opportunity to start my career as part of a well-established and reputable company, receive exposure to a wide range of technologies, and learn new skills – all in a location close to where I wanted to live, in Manchester.

I’m based at Radbroke Hall, in Knutsford, and there’s brilliant contrast here. I love the amount of green space that we have on campus; it’s great to be able to spot rabbits whilst out on your lunchtime walk. Then, at the same time, you’ve got the fast pace and variety of the work: we’re always improving the platform and incorporating new services, so I genuinely learn something new every day.

My line manager and colleagues have supported and challenged me to take on progressively more advanced work.

The vast level of technical detail that we have to deal with on a daily basis makes it challenging work - but that’s also what makes it interesting and enjoyable. Plus, I’ve been really happy with the way my line manager and colleagues have supported and challenged me to take on progressively more advanced work, so that I’m never operating entirely within my comfort zone. It’s helped me to develop quickly without being overwhelmed.

As an example, I was recently able to contribute to a solution, from design to build, for log collection and centralisation in our environment. That involved working with a few different services that I’d never used before, so I learned a lot, and it was satisfying to see all the parts that I’d engineered come together to work according to the design. The knowledge that my work has contributed in a meaningful way to my team’s goals is very rewarding.

I think ultimately, the training and support that Barclays provides, along with our inclusive culture, make it a great place to work. On top of that, it’s brilliant to be part of a bank that truly understands the importance and potential of leveraging technology to serve customers. I’m excited to be part of it.