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Reach, the Barclays Disability, Mental Health and Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group, is committed to supporting Barclays’ ambition to be the most accessible and inclusive bank for clients, customers and colleagues. 

Membership of Reach is open to all colleagues, for example, colleagues who have a disability, mental health condition or neurodiverse condition, colleagues who care for someone, or colleagues who want to learn more.

Our Strategy

As part of the new global Employee Resource Group strategy, the key focus for our ERG is to champion the benefits of diversity at Barclays, whilst sharing the lived experiences and nuances of our diverse colleagues at Barclays. As we sharpen the focus on Diversity at Barclays, the ERG strategy will focus on four main pillars (Attract, Retain, Develop and Engage).


Internal and external engagement – Providing greater support to the Barclays D&I recruitment to identify and engage a diverse pool of candidates:

  • Encourage colleagues internally to become Reach Purple Champions and enable them to be great allies.
  • Engage with organisations externally through forums like Purple Space to create opportunities for learning and external collaboration.
  • Identify areas of intersectionality with other ERGs and create opportunities for collaboration.


Building a great & diverse place to work​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

  • Host events and awareness campaigns to promote understanding of disability, mental health & neurodiversity.
  • Promote internal support resources, including workplace adjustments, peer support groups, and e-learning modules.
  • Support Reach Forums & Focus Groups to challenge the way things are done and create change across the organisation.


Developing colleagues with multiple dimensions of difference – Foster a diverse and inclusive environment to ensure members reach their career goals while contributing to Barclays’ D&I objectives:

  • Create interlinks with different parts of the business through our regional & business area chapters to promote the colleague voice.
  • Engage with Workplace Adjustments teams to ensure colleagues are empowered across their whole career.


Connect with business leads to explore collaboration opportunities:

  • ​​​​Support the development of colleagues with disabilities, mental health conditions or neurodiverse conditions through initiatives like the Reach Mentoring Scheme and interview coaching sessions.
  • Support reverse mentoring and education of business leads across different areas to create a culture of inclusion across the organisation.