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Learn more Rohan's day-to-day responsibilities when working on internal and external audits

I’ve always been interested in the markets, but I didn’t quite know where I would fit in career-wise until my internship at Barclays. In addition to my Economics degree, I majored in Supply Chain Management in college which emphasized front-to-back analysis and process improvement. Ultimately that’s what led me to the Operational Risk team I’m currently on, where we are responsible for understanding front-to-back processes for various regulatory rules and demonstrating compliance to auditors and regulators.

The most rewarding part of my current role is being able to solve tough problems consistently.

My day-to-day responsibilities are ever-changing due to the nature of the role. My team is involved in internal and external audits, regulatory inquiries and exams, and controls testing. My time is often split between collaborating with various internal teams to respond to regulatory and audit inquiries and assisting with the daily controls that my team owns. In between all of that, I am involved in several projects of varying scale, from firm-wide working groups on large audit issues to Lean automation projects within my team to improve productivity.

The most rewarding part of my current role is being able to solve tough problems consistently – especially those I wouldn’t know the answer to right away. The feeling of achievement in those situations is what I feel most proud of at work.

Of all the things that Barclays offers me, I value the mentorship that I’ve received the most. Professionally, my mentors provided guidance and different perspectives from my own, which helped me, succeed in my role and led to a promotion. Personally, they’ve been great to bounce ideas off of and helped in getting accustomed to the post-graduate life.

Given that we work in an industry where the human capital is the greatest asset to a company, relationships are important. Having those relationships from an early stage has definitely helped me acclimate to the corporate environment. The people are what brought me into the company and the people are what compel me to stay.