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Meet Saloni, Data Platform Engineer in Risk Finance and Treasury – Stress Testing Data Services at Whippany

Saloni Thakkar joined Barclays in 2021 as a Data Platform Engineer in Risk Finance and Treasury – Stress Testing Data Services at Whippany, NJ office.  She made an impact right away, applying her knowledge to produce data analytics dashboards supporting our executive management, selecting AWS cloud configurations to support our credit teams and evaluating machine learning use cases for data quality management.  Saloni does all this while simultaneously advocating for Women in Technology and leading Women in Data at Barclays.

Let’s hear from her about her journey and experience with Barclays. Here are a few questions we asked her:

Tell us about your journey as a Grace Hopper and why you chose Barclays

“My journey as a Grace Hopper was a roller coaster ride, starting from GHC 2020 going virtual for the 1st time due to pandemic to facing logistic issues and navigating my way to job opportunities. During GHC I got in touch with a WiT leader at Barclays and she not only mentored me but also included me in various networking sessions organized by Barclays, connected me to the right people and made sure to help me any road blocks. The complete journey was a great reflection of the culture at Barclays since I got in touch with a couple of people and I was a 100% sure to join a company where people support women and growth for their success.”

Describe your experience with Barclays so far

“Each passing day makes me feel I made the right choice to join Barclays. It is a perfect place for overall growth of an individual. My manager made sure I got tagged to work I was happy with and it was aligned with my career goals. Barclays supports innovation and is open to change which excites me to wake up every day and work. Good work-life balance helped me expand my scope of opportunities and cater my zeal to give back by being a part of WiT and leading Women in Data (WiD).  It has truly been an amazing experience here at Barclays.”

What excites you about representing Barclays in person at GHC 2022?

“I attended vGHC 2020 as a student and it’s a pleasure to go back attend GHC 2022 in-person, representing Barclays. Amazing leaders from Barclays are coming to GHC this year and considering the new hybrid set up we are excited to meet you both virtually and in-person. I see the expanded opportunities for talented women in STEM with the focus on innovation and growth.  I am excited to meet technology enthusiasts and help them find the right opportunity.”

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