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Learn more about the opportunities Sara has had on the graduate programme

From my experience, an internship is the best way to get a feel for a life after university. Not only does it enhance your technical knowledge and develops soft skills, but it also provides a great opportunity to try out what your life post-university could look like.

Personally, the highlight of my intern months at the bank were the people who created an open and supportive culture. My colleagues and my manager were keen to offer me many learning opportunities from day one, and gradually hand over the responsibility on regular projects. This has been a very challenging experience given it was my first banking internship but one I truly enjoyed. Having people around me in the workplace who want me to excel is the reason why I did not hesitate to accept my full-time graduate offer.

The environment and the culture here stand out for me the most. As a fresh university graduate with limited finance work experience, starting a job here felt as if I was getting on a train at full speed. However, with my team being there to explain technical topics and answer my questions, this ride felt more and more comfortable with each upcoming week.

The diversity of day-to-day tasks is really incredible and two projects are never the same.

The sheer number of teams I work with has been surprising, actually. On each project in the Financial Sponsors Team, I work not only with completely different people but also different divisions and country teams within the Investment Bank. So far I have had the chance to experience a large scale Initial public offering (IPO), a tech Leveraged Buyout (LBO) and a number of financing mandates for a healthcare company. The diversity of day-to-day tasks is really incredible and two projects are never the same.

I must admit interns and other graduates played a big role in this journey as well. Believe it or not, some of the people I have met and interned with at the bank more than two years ago are still one of my closest friends. Although not all of them eventually ended up in banking or decided to stay in London, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have met them. It still surprises me how well we got along and how much fun we had while exploring the UK’s capital in depth over that summer.

Quite honestly, having spent my time on the graduate programme with so many talented people, I couldn’t imagine now starting my career differently. Thanks to the atmosphere here and the extensive training at the start, the first days on the desk felt definitely more comfortable: I already feel like I have my own network within the bank and friends I can turn to.