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Whether you’re an experienced jobseeker or new to the working world, searching for your next role can be a full-time job in itself. It’s important to find the opportunity that’s right for you, but before you start completing application forms, take a step back and really think about your approach.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd and secure your dream role? Here are our top tips for successful job seeking.

Customise your CV

Adapting your resume to each role you apply for will help get your application noticed. In a saturated market, employers and recruiters will be looking for candidates who match the key requirements. Study the job description and pull-out key words, then ensure these are highlighted throughout your CV. Hiring managers want CVs to be clear and concise, so make sure they can see you’re a strong candidate from the outset.

Create templates of your CV that are ready to customise. Your essential information will remain the same, but you’ll want to refine your abilities and experience based on each new role. For example, if you’re applying for a technology-based role, put a spotlight on your tech skills. If the job requires you to work in a team, make sure you showcase your teamwork, collaboration and communication skills – and remember to provide evidence by demonstrating these abilities in your relevant experience.

Utilise your network

An online application isn’t the only way to find a new opportunity, your dream role could come around by utilising your network. Interact with people and develop professional contacts online – setting up a LinkedIn profile and engaging with your network is a great starting point. Then, think about speaking with attendees and panellists at virtual events – develop new connections at every opportunity to aid your job search. These connections may be able to help you directly, put you in touch with someone else or offer advice that will help you on your way.

Your network spans beyond your professional connections. Have you considered the people already in your life who could offer assistance? A friend may be able to introduce you to a career path you’ve not considered. Or perhaps a family member can share insight into vacancies at their company. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people within your personal and professional network.

Think outside the box

In a competitive market, it’s important to stand out and go the extra mile. Here are a few ways you can take your job hunting to the next level to ensure your application is noticed for all the right reasons:

Connect with employers online

From engaging with businesses on social media to keeping up to date with company news, there are various ways to connect with employers online. By following their career-focused social media channels and blogs, you’ll get an inside look at the company, be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities and might even have the chance to ask questions to key stakeholders.

Seek advice from recruiters

Develop your employability by speaking to recruiters. Whether they’re in-house at the company you’re applying for or based at an agency, recruitment specialists are available to help advance candidates on their application journey. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Attend virtual events

In our virtual world, there are numerous online events where job seekers can get to know a business, learn about new opportunities and develop their skills. Look into companies that take your interest and see which events they have coming up. Attend as many as possible, you won’t only learn something new, you’ll also show the business you’re dedicated to joining them.

Promote yourself creatively

Think outside the box and find creative ways to help your application stand out. With a high number of applications, it’s important to show off your unique selling point and promote your personal brand. Whether you take the time to maintain your social media presence or rework your CV into a creative format, make sure you’re using your creative side to make a positive lasting impression.

Ready to get started?

It’s time to get your job search off to a flying start. Could we offer you the career you’ve been looking for? Explore opportunities to join us here. 

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