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London, UK

Rock Climber. Photographer. Art Lover. And, Father of two boys.

I’ve been with Barclays Risk for just over two years, but in that time I’ve really come to appreciate the many differences that set Barclays apart from other banks. I came here after a five-year career sabbatical where I spent time with my family, and that has given me a real appreciation for the importance of balancing work and life.

Risk is a vitally important function in the bank because it ensures that the bank grows in a controlled way. We expect a lot from our people: they are experts in what they do, are highly valued and expected to deliver. We strive to do the best we can and try to improve every day. But we know that commercial results should not come at the expense of personal wellbeing, and as leaders we want to be helpful and supportive to our teams.

That’s why a big difference at Barclays is the way we focus on culture. We offer dynamic, flexible working, where people can take the time they need for their lives. Time out is not frowned upon – I am proof of that – and we’re passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Corporate Social Responsiblity. We know the world is changing, and we’re transforming the way we do things to match our evolving environment.

I strongly recommend that talented people looking for a different kind of career in risk should experience life at Barclays. I have an open door, and we have more ideas than we know what to do with. You could help us take these ideas forward.

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