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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with the Barclays Women in Technology

Innovative thinkers. Creative challengers. Enthusiastic leaders. Welcome to Technology at Barclays – a place where these characteristics go hand in hand with developing the tech of tomorrow.

October 12 marks Ada Lovelace Day: an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. All in honour of Ada Lovelace – the first female programmer who paved the way. In recognition of this global celebration, a handful of inspirational female technologists have come together to tell us about their experiences and share some words of wisdom.

Impacting Customers, Communities and Each Other

What's a career in tech really about? You have to make bold decisions. Think outside the box. Test the boundaries. And be prepared to fail. This year has thrown many a curveball, but our teams have taken each challenge in their stride and worked tirelessly to create life-changing impact. Our technology has helped us support livelihoods – and so have the women behind it.

I recently worked on a project with massive implications. A joint venture by two teams. We focused our minds, knowing that success would mean helping countless small businesses to survive. So far, we’ve drawn loans for more than 270,000 businesses. I’ve never been prouder to be a woman in tech. – Helen Wiltshire, Solution Architect, Business Banking

Influencing the Next Generation

We’re blessed to work alongside so many inspiring women in technology. They’re stepping forward to help the next generation. They’re showing future innovators how important it is to believe in yourself and your abilities. The role of a mentor is pivotal in each of our careers, and we’re proud to say ours are leading the way.

When I started my technology career, I wish someone had said to me: “you’re in the right place and you have the chance to make your voice heard.” Don’t be daunted by the technical jargon, and often by the male-dominated teams. You have what it takes to be great. Now, go and get your seat at the table. – Tami Kuboye, Project Manager, Digital Branch Self-Serve Team

Discovering your Passion

Your technical ability doesn’t define who you are. Skills can be learnt; passion comes from within, and that’s the one thing that runs throughout our technology colleague is driven by their love for tech; for programming; for developing systems, apps and products that will impact our customers’ lives.

After being in Finance and Operations for over 16 years, making a career change at my late 30s was a frightening thought, yet very exciting. I decided to switch my career and moved into Technology because I truly believe that's where my passion sits, and that is what motivates me getting up every morning. Every challenge comes with a sense of achievement at the end, and gives me the joy every day even after 3 years since I stepped into Barclays Digital Investing Technology world. – Zhou Zhou, Project Manager, Digital Investing Technology

An Innovative, Inspiring Team

With the world changing around us and technology developing by the minute, it’s our goal to stay ahead of the game. To become trailblazers as we redefine the future of finance. To do this, we’re working across time zones as one global team – and we’re supporting each other at every turn. We’re proud to have created a culture where each technologist can continue learning and pushing themselves. To take on new challenges and be inspired by the variety in their careers.

When I graduated, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Then, I found out about a Coding Academy – I was sold. After many years and a few role changes, I started to lose my energy. That’s when the fairy godmother of careers arrived and a chance to join Barclays came up. I may have only met my team virtually, but I can honestly say I have the technology fire in my belly again – thanks to Barclays. – Eliza Smith, Head of Ab Initio Development, Corporate Data Services

Stepping into the Future

Female technologists at Barclays come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some knew they wanted to code from high school. Others found their calling later in life. Whatever path has led us together, we’ve developed a community of inspirational women who’re paving the way for the female technologists of tomorrow – just like Ada.

Our future is certainly bright. It’s full of opportunities to experiment. To push for change. To drive innovation forward. Together, we’re stepping into the future.

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