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Working as a Risk apprentice has allowed Alister to understand how the various business areas function

Barclays always stood out to me as one of the oldest and largest British banks – and because the bank has such a large presence in the US and Europe. I had the opportunity to gain wider experience and develop more skills. My end goal was a banking role in Risk so when I saw Barclays offering the Risk Higher Apprenticeship I knew I had to apply.

Whilst on rotation in the European Leveraged Financed Credit Risk Sanctioning team. I oversaw a portfolio of 25 clients, spanning multiple sectors, including Telecoms, Chemicals, FinTech, Consumer Goods, and Education. I monitored the ongoing credit risk profile to Barclays as a result of lending to the companies in my portfolio. I also worked on new transactions, reviewing proposals and evaluating their credit risk profile.

Working across all these sectors, I get to learn about each area’s inner workings and understand how different parts of the global economy operate - all whilst working alongside some of the largest players in those sectors. Needless to say, every project is different and my work is always varied.

Throughout my experience here, Barclays’ training and development opportunities have been absolutely instrumental in my growth.

The exposure to various areas of the bank really allows you to plan out your ideal career path.

Beyond my own role, my team provide advice and help approve Barclays’ involvement in some of Europe’s largest Leveraged Finance transactions, supporting clients in securing capital for leveraged buy-outs or to support their businesses. It’s a great feeling to know that we support these clients – many of them FTSE100 names – in continuing their day-to-day work, providing services to millions of people worldwide.