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We’re more than a bank. More than a group of colleagues. We’re a tech-first financial organisation, a community of skilled developers. And, we’re passionate about the future.

As an influential business in our industry, we look to modernise systems through complex problem solving, making them future ready. We protect the present with continuous improvement to our technology. And we develop new opportunities every day, striving to produce better solutions. As a team, we learn from and network with each other, serving customers and clients across the world from Prague. This is about more than writing code. This is driving excellence alongside global partners.

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Our work matters

We are building out the change function to manage global projects from Prague, becoming a centre for end-to-end solution application development and design.  

Over several years, we’ve developed a culture of progression, and of support. Our people in Prague not only work together to meet the needs of global clients every day, but also work together to bring the best out of each other. Our developers build more, learn more and connect more as a team. As a part of this community, you’ll collaborate, network and build friendships. We’ll give you the room you need to thrive and with our common goal to redefine the future of finance and of technology, we’ll grow together.

Our developers lead the way, and drive the business globally. And to build on our success supporting global projects, we’re building our team into an end-to-end application development and management function. We’ll deliver large-scale change, manage critical projects, and impact billions of trades and decisions, right from our Prague technology hub.

Being a developer at Barclays means bringing a range of skills and languages to the table and picking up new skills too. Our main languages are: Java, C#, C++ and JavaScript. Plus, we look for secondary skills in Objective-C, R, Scala, Python, F# and Swift. All of these skills allow us to deliver systems and insights that meet our customer and client needs.  

Our stories

“Within 10 weeks of starting, I was working on technology that was new to me, at a scale of hundreds of gigabytes of data.” 

Vojtech Kral, Research IT Read story

“I’m proud to have delivered so many significant projects, and to have grown my role to lead a team of 30 people before I was 30 years old.“

Milos Broulik, Head of Research IT Read story

“We never rush-release anything, or use temporary hacks – we believe in making every solution the best it can be.”

Dalibor Hlava, Wolf Team Read story

“The great thing about Barclays is that I get to work on great technological pieces, while seeing the effect they have on this important business.”

Martin Vavra, Electronic Trading Technology Read story

A technology powerhouse

As a part of our team in Prague, you’ll support and be supported. You’ll innovate for a bigger, global cause. And, you’ll work in our tech hub, where over 400 talented colleagues bring agile innovations to a range of customers. The size of our team in Prague gives us the opportunity to scale up our work, while staying true to our values and mixing with people on a more personal level.

With our vision to continue developing along with our 328-year history as a leading financial organisation, we balance entrepreneurial spirit with experience to inspire technology that counts. In Prague, this is a place for building code and software that puts us at the forefront of engineering, data science, and Investment Banking. Together, we strive to transform banking as we know it. For you, this means challenging perceptions alongside the brightest minds. And, it means building on and contributing to our skillsets, helping us to develop new innovative products, and for you to realise your full potential.

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