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Brooke's two-year rotation as a Risk Graduate gave her the opportunity to experience several parts of the business

I began my Barclays journey in the summer of 2018 with the Risk summer internship program. Immediately, I noticed a strong focus on community and the intelligent, collaborative individuals I worked with confirmed that Barclays was the right fit for me. Following the internship program, I began my full-time position in August 2019.

In my current role on the Leveraged Finance Credit Risk team, I cover a portfolio of clients -primarily within the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. I complete regular annual and quarterly reviews for each company, in addition to working with the deal teams to execute new transactions. Currently, I am based in the New York 7th Avenue office. Although I am currently working from home, I enjoy being based in midtown Manhattan and collaborating with the large community of colleagues there.

Whether I’m physically in the office or working remotely, I’m surrounded by a network of inspiring individuals who have helped me to progress in so many ways. They’ve supported me in understanding new systems and processes, and are always there to guide me in any way needed. In my first graduate rotation on the Operational Risk team, I worked on a project related to structured scenario analysis and loss forecasting for capital planning.

Ask questions and always stay curious – this is how you’ll learn and grow.

I completed my second rotation in Leveraged Finance Credit Risk, where I covered a portfolio of healthcare and industrial counterparties. My third and final rotation was in Structured Lending  Finance with a team that covered Commercial Real Estate/Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans. I have now rolled off of the program into a permanent position on the Leveraged Finance Credit Risk team.

As a Barclays graduate, I’ve enjoyed seeing how I’m able to impact the business and our counterparties. The culture at Barclays encourages both personal growth and career progression. There is a strong training program here as well; I’ve learned countless new skills, both technical and interpersonal, that will enhance my career potential.

The Barclays values radiate through everything we do, and I love being part of a collaborative, supportive and driven business. The two-year rotational program, allowed me the opportunity to experience three business areas to see which direction I ultimately want to take my career. Internal mobility is strongly encouraged here, providing ample room for growth.

For new graduates beginning their career, my advice would be to take advantage of the supportive network of colleagues and form as many connections as you can. Ask questions and always stay curious – this is how you’ll learn and grow.