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The inclusive and supportive culture at Barclays has helped Claire achieve her career goals 

Around the same time as graduating university, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. It left me unsure which direction I should take in my career, but with Barclays’ diverse and supportive network, I was assured I could still achieve my goals. I also found their values similar to my own, so I knew pretty quickly that Barclays was for me.

I work in Onboarding, which is the beginning of the customer’s journey within merchant services. It’s an ever-evolving environment, and there are always new challenges to face with changes happening left, right and centre. While each day varies, I typically focus on performing checks on newly submitted applications or setting up merchants so they can trade online.

Barclays is built and thrives on an inclusive, vibrant and diverse culture.

I remember working on a project that involved one of our partners, and I was part of the team that helped ensure they could deliver payment-taking services for a big contract. It was something I’d never done before and unknown territory, so of course there was a bit of anxiety. But I had a lot of support and was able to talk through everything with a colleague, and I finished the project much more confident.

What makes me proud to work here? The drive towards inclusivity and diversity. Barclays is built and thrives on an inclusive, vibrant and diverse culture – and is constantly looking at innovative ways to progress into the future. It’s something that’s become even more prominent lately with the bank’s fast-paced response to COVID-19; Barclays have been able to adapt to working from home while still offering the same support to customers and colleagues alike.