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Barclays Corporate Banking provides services to UK and multinational businesses with an annual turnover of over 6.5 million. We inspire and support the growth of corporate clients, including some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations, by providing an extensive range of banking solutions and relationship services. By capturing opportunities at Barclays you can develop your career, and be instrumental in helping our clients thrive - in a supportive, diverse, and innovative environment. 

“Barclays Corporate Banking is more than just transactional. We’re dedicated to building deep working relationships. We’re at our best when we’re helping to leverage new trends, enter new markets and effortlessly run our client's day-to day businesses.”
Alistair Currie, Head of Corporate Banking

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Client Stories

Barclays is helping corporate clients across all sectors realise their ambition and further their potential. From PureGym to JCB, Barclays has supported a multitude of businesses with huge ambitions to develop and grow in an ever-changing environment.

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An iconic British success story, Barclays’ historic relationship with JCB dates back to its very beginning in 1945. As JCB has grown into a global business, Barclays continues to develop that relationship and understanding of the industry. With 22 plants worldwide, equipment manufacturer JCB needs an agile financial partner, Barclays has helped JCB lay the foundations for expansion. Click here to learn more.

“In an ever-evolving industry, our relationship has stretched over decades.”
Graeme Macdonald & CEO, JCB


Barclays has also supported more recent startups. Since 2009, PureGym has grown to become the UK’s largest leisure, gym and fitness operator.* Taking them from a small disrupter, to a being one of the largest UK gym operators  - Barclays admires ambition can help deliver on future growth. Click here to discover more. 

“Barclays has been a very constant source of support. They’ve been involved in seven or eight different rounds of financing.”
Alex Wood, CFO, PureGym

The forefront of innovation

Barclays always strives to be at the forefront of digital innovation and ongoing change within the industry. Discover the latest insights including the AI transforming banking, APIs, Blockchain, the future of cash, and how the Internet of Things can drive business efficiency.

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New Frontiers

Technological innovation is a key focus for us which we have explored in our New Frontiers blog series. Here, you can discover significant insights we’ve gained from our conversations with business leaders working at the forefront of innovation. Click here to view the blog series. 

Discover the latest innovation insights including the AI transforming banking and how 5G could supercharge businesses and the UK economy.


The Covid-19 pandemic is first and foremost a global health crisis, but its economic and social impacts are wide-ranging. Could the crisis mark a turning point that prompts urgent action on climate change and the broader sustainability agenda, asks Marco DeBenedictis, Head of Sustainable Finance.

If we’re going to use the post-pandemic world as a blueprint for a sustainable future, we must get out of the mindset where sustainability is a drag on a business’s bottom line.

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Hiring Opportunities 

Barclays Corporate Banking needs colleagues with diverse skills and backgrounds to fully support our clients. We rely on our Industry Experts who provide guidance to businesses across key sectors, our Relationship Managers who understand our clients and help them succeed, and our data scientists and tech innovators who keep us at the forefront of digital banking – using new innovative approaches such as AI and Open Banking. We regularly invest in the hiring of Relationship Manager, Data Engineer, and Control Business Partner. Please click the button below to see all roles currently available.

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