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Part of applying for a new role is putting a CV/Resume together. And our recruitment team looks at thousands of them each year. So, if now is a good time to refresh your CV/Resume, here are some tips from our recruiters based on what they look for in an application.

Make your contact information visible

The first thing to include is your contact details, making them visible in your header. Include your email address, phone number and, if appropriate, any social media profiles or links to digital portfolios. Our recruiters say this makes it easy to find your details and shows a willingness for them to follow up with you.

Use a simple layout

It’s easy to get carried away with colourful themes, but our team say to keep it simple. Create a clear layout divided into sections such as Background, Experience and Education. Throughout, use a simple font such as Calibri or Arial in a font size between 11-14. Your section headings should be the only places you use italics, underlining or bold.

Be consistent and proofread your work

When it comes to formatting, be consistent with how you divide sections and use fonts. And this same consistency applies to grammar and correct spelling. Is there someone who can proofread your CV/Resume once you’ve finished? Your CV/Resume is your first impression, so make it count.

List your work experience clearly

If you have lots of work experience, it can be hard to know where to start. Our team suggests you begin by listing each job, including the names of each employer with dates of your employment. To show the amount of experience you have in a clear way, write it in chronological order with your latest experiences at the top.

Describe your experience in a concise way

Underneath the titles of your work experience, write about what you did, including a description of your responsibilities, the skills or technology you used and how it contributed to a project or objective. Our team suggests using bullet points, it helps keep it concise and makes it even easier for recruiters to quickly identify your skills, experience, and achievements.

Align to the vacancy as much as possible

Lots of people apply using the same CV/Resume for different roles. Our team suggests making your CV/Resume unique to each application. A quick way of doing this is by going through the job description, highlighting any key requirements and key words. Then, build these into your CV/Resume. This will show that you’ve taken the time to understand what the company needs.

Recruiters look for CVs/Resumes that are easy to follow, grammatically correct and include plenty of substance to match the role they’re looking to fill. When refreshing your CV/Resume, use this structured approach over colourful themes and imagery to showcase your experience in the best possible way.