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Prague Technology Centre

Credit and Market Risk Technology - Risk, Finance & Treasury

Developers in Barclays Investment Banking create reliable, robust systems that support millions of trades – I’m proud to be part of a highly skilled team that can meet this challenge. In fact, technology drives everything we do here – sometimes we say we are more of a technology company than a bank!

Technology drives everything we do here...

Before I came to Barclays, I was a financial risk consultant. I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills, and was attracted by the opportunity to work on a complex system at Barclays calculating market risk. After three years, I applied to move into the Credit Risk area, where I am now working on several diverse projects, the main one being Wolf, an internal workflow engine.

I’m really pleased with the work I’ve done so far. Because Barclays relies on technology to provide services that are so important to millions of people, we value quality over quantity, especially in software design. We never rush-release anything, or use temporary hacks – we believe in making every solution the best it can be.

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