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Learning and development is important at Barclays. It helps our colleagues learn more about our technology and customers, helps them navigate their working day and working relationships, and helps create great leaders. We spoke with some of our leaders about what they have learnt during their careers, and the advice they’d give to their younger selves. Our leaders have diverse experiences, which helps us better represent our customers' and clients' needs, as well as helping our colleagues develop their skills through our leaders’ experiences.

Augusta Sanfilippo

Augusta Sanfilippo has over 30 years of investment banking technology experience. She has worked in key financial institutions providing strategic leadership, creating strong partnerships with the business and building innovative global technology solutions as part of large change programs. She has led a fulfilled life both in and out of the boardroom; being a woman in tech in the 90’s was challenging, yet opened many doors for her. Her mantra is: ‘It’s not how you react to challenges but how you learn from them.’ 

Wayne Measor

Wayne is Product Chief Control Officer for Barclays, accountable for setting the control agenda for our retail products, influencing business strategy and decision making and collaborating senior leaders to integrate the control mind-set into everything we do. Wayne joined Barclays straight from school in 1988 via his local branch, and has blended his career between frontline and Head Office roles including scale leadership of Branches, Contact Centres, and functional teams whilst delivering transformational change of business processes. He is also an Executive Sponsor for Barclays LGBT+ Spectrum Network.

Mariquit Corcoran

Mariquit Corcoran is a Managing Director at Barclays. She is Head of Barclays Ventures US and is based out of New York. Mariquit has spent nearly two decades in the financial services industry, holding positions and leading teams in businesses spanning across fixed income, operations, risk management, finance and banking. Prior to joining Barclays, she led the team responsible for sourcing and closing deals for all strategic engagements of a newly launched FinTech.

Her current responsibilities include oversight of the global FinTech Accelerator program at Barclays, designed to fast-track the next generation of FinTech businesses, while bringing innovation and application opportunities to Barclays, and leading the Rise Platform.

Piyali Mitra

Piyali Mitra is the PODs Programme Lead at Barclays. Piyali joined Barclays in 2016 and is currently responsible for enabling cross-functional collaboration and agile delivery for the bank’s retail and investment banking technology growth initiatives.

A chartered Accountant by training, Piyali has 18+ years of experience across global banking specialising in investment banking advisory, Corporate finance and Strategy.

 Piyali’s brand is complex problem solving, backed by thorough analysis, strategic thinking and a client/shareholder mindset. An influencer, mentor and a keen collaborator, she is comfortable challenging the status quo to deliver the right outcome. Piyali is an advocate for nurturing diversity of thought and experience at the work place; She believes any business requires a balanced workforce which accurately represents the society which they serve, in order to build the solutions their customers truly need.

Malcolm Brooke

Malcolm is a Managing Director and currently Group Chief Controls Officer at Barclays. Prior to this role, Malcolm was Head of Controls for BX, the service company of Barclays. Malcolm joined Barclays in August 2017 from Credit Suisse where he spent the previous 23 years.  His last role at Credit Suisse was as Head of Operational Risk for all back office functions, as well as Head of Group Resilience. Malcolm has 35 years’ experience in Financial Services.

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