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Our six pillars of Diversity and Inclusion

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We believe that an inclusive and supportive culture makes us better at understanding the needs of our customers and clients, and it creates a sense of belonging and value that enables our colleagues to perform at their best. To create the kind of community we can all feel at home in, we focus on six pillars of diversity and inclusion.

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“At Barclays, we are working on inclusion with initiatives like dynamic working which has been super helpful to achieve some sense of work/life balance. These small things matter and help us build a more equal environment.”

Sonali Shelke, Vice President, Transaction Banking

Barclays is a community made up of multiple generations, and we value the experience people of all ages can bring to our business. We are keen to support colleagues at different life stages to balance their lives inside and outside of work, and are committed to offering them opportunities to grow with us at any age.

Multigenerational network

Dynamic working

Military network

Our goal for Barclays is to become a truly gender-diverse organisation. It’s crucial for us to be able to attract, develop and retain top female talent, and we want our female colleagues to have every opportunity to achieve their maximum potential in their career with us. We engage men in the drive for gender equality as allies. By empowering Male Allies, it has created a powerful network of global advocates, pledging to take action to be effective allies for women at work, accelerate gender parity and achieve a more equitable workplace.

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“I knew I could progress and saw that being trans wasn’t holding me back. The more you know yourself the more you are able to love yourself.”


We want all of our LGBTQ+ colleagues to feel comfortable being themselves at work. So, we champion equality, understanding and respect for every single one of them. Our Spectrum network is just one initiative that helps people connect, and we’re proud to have been a sponsor of Pride for many years.


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We know that diversity of thought is essential if we are to achieve our goals, and we are at our strongest when we are inclusive of people of every race, ethnicity, nationality and faith. We’re proud to have launched our Race at Work Action Plan which helps us become allies to our Black and ethnically diverse colleagues by providing improved access to career and development opportunities. It’s important to us that they are supported and celebrated.

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Race at Work

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a critical role in achieving Barclay's ambitions for Diversity and Inclusion. They provide valuable support and advice, create development opportunities , and raise awareness of issues, challenges and initiatives. They also enable relationships to be built across Barclays and with external organisations in the communities we operate. Every ERG is open to all employees, which will you join?

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In order to be a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace, we must look at the disadvantage faced by individuals from certain socio-economic backgrounds and produce a plan to support in addressing this difference.

We are committed to playing a positive role in increasing social mobility through our recruitment, development and progression activities. We are a member of the City of London socio-economic taskforce, launched in May 2021 and commissioned by HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The taskforce is intended to improve socio-economic diversity at senior levels in UK financial and professional services.

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Welcome to Life Stories by Barclays

Find inspiration in the real life stories of our people. See how they actively embrace and promote diversity from day to day, and are always learning new ways of using their strengths to their advantage.

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Our purpose and values

Everything we do is driven by our Purpose and guided by our Values: they directly influence the way we think about culture at Barclays. Together, they create an environment we can all feel part of, and define the way we interact with each other, with our clients and customers, and with everyone we meet.

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