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London, UK

New Father and vineyard owner.

I’m from Italy and have lived in the UK for almost 19 years. I originally worked in Chemical Engineering, but around 2004 I felt like a change, so I took a year off to learn about finance. At the time, the finance industry was hiring people from all kinds of different backgrounds, and I soon found myself in Investment Banking. I’ve been with Barclays for 11 years now, always in Risk

One of the great things I’ve found about Barclays is the way they give everyone the opportunity to build their very best career. I’m a big fan of diversity and I’ve seen Barclays become ever more diverse and varied in the years since I joined – we’ve made great progress in terms of diversity, in all fronts.

More than this, Barclays really looks after its people. My wife and I have an 18-month-old child. Straight after his birth, which was of course a major life event, I was experiencing other personal challenges which meant I found it hard to balance my life and my work. I needed flexibility, including the ability to go back to Italy from time to time, without being detrimental to Barclays, but they made it all very easy for me.

Barclays understands how people’s lives change, and it also understands how career needs can change. You can stay in one area of the bank, or move around – this is a place where you can plan your career to match your life and your interests.

Speaking of which, since I founded my family’s wine-making business 6 years ago, my colleagues have shown a great deal of interest. They used to ask me questions about Risk – now they ask me about Prosecco!

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