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Being well-informed about the financial markets and current events is important if you want to land a career in Sales & Trading. Getting up to speed with what's happening in the world and how it affects the market will help you decide if this is an industry you want to work in and whether Sales & Trading interests you. Just as important, being knowledgeable about things like the stock market, interest rates and the general economy will impress our recruiters.

So we asked some of our employees which websites, books, journals and programs they'd recommend to undergraduates who are interested in their field. Here's what they had to say:

  • The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and the Financial Times. Books like The Big Short and Liar's Poker are good too - Natasha, Sales & Trading

  • Sign up for The Quartz, Market Snacks and The Skimm. They're all good and easy ways to keep up with the news, particularly market news - Kathleen, Sales & Trading

  • As well as The Wall Street Journal, read publications like Barron's, watch CNBC and trade a Google virtual stock portfolio where you can make stock picks and track your profit and loss.- Kenny, Sales & Trading

  • I'm a big fan of Bloomberg articles - Aderike, Sales & Trading

These industry resources are a great place to start when considering a career in Sales & Trading. Once you immerse yourself in the content, you'll begin to recognize trends and make and test your own predictions on where the market is heading. And, of course, there's no end of excellent books that will give you entertaining and invaluable insights into financial concepts and first-hand accounts of life within the industry.