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Summer Internships at Barclays are a great opportunity to experience the world of finance. We’ll immerse you in our culture, involve you in real projects and give you a thorough overview of our business. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about how to manage your time, effort and expectations when on programme. Our graduates remember that feeling, so here is their best advice on everything from how often you should meet with your manager to how to manage mid-afternoon snack cravings.

1. Take time to meet managers outside of your team

Managers here are very open to meeting with interns, and you never know who you'll end up working with in the future  - Allison, Technology Assistant Vice President.

2. The fast pace will test your organizational skills

Keep a daily log of the tasks and meetings you need to manage. When you receive an assignment, confirm timings and expectations. This will help avoid confusion down the road - Joe, Credit Risk Analyst.

3. Don't be discouraged

If meetings do not go as planned or if they are cancelled. It happens. Just follow-up and stay punctual - Tim, Equity Sales Analyst.

4. Set up weekly meetings with your manager

Everyone gets busy, so having scheduled meetings helps ensure that they happen. They'll give you a chance to ask questions and find out how you can improve - Colleen, Finance Analyst

5. Always keep your favorite snacks at your desk

You never know when you'll need a midday pick-me-up but are too busy to leave your desk! - Neha, Finance Analyst

6) Try to learn every aspect of the job

From the technical side, to the basics. Try and take on any task assigned to you. Even the most routine assignment can lead to something more interesting - Madelaine, Compliance Analyst.

7. Keep in touch with the people you got to know during recruiting

Even if they're not in your group this summer. They can be great mentors! - Jerry, Investment Banking Associate

8. Use the appropriate communication

Sometimes it's easier to just pick up the phone and call than send a lengthy email. Be sure to keep your emails short and sweet. And don't forget to spell-check - Appy, Technology Analyst.

9) Focus on relationships

They last longer than any role or assignment - Cody, Compliance Analyst