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Date live: Jan. 20, 2023

Business Area: COO & Functions

Area of Expertise: Technology

Reference Code: 90330802

Contract: Permanent

Job Title: Senior Engineer Developer

Location: Pune

About Barclays

Barclays is a British universal bank. We are diversified by business, by different types of customers and clients, and by geography. Our businesses include consumer banking and payments operations around the world, as well as a top-tier, full service, global corporate and investment bank, all of which are supported by our service company which provides technology, operations and functional services across the Group.

Risk and Control Objective

Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Enterprise Wide Risk Management Framework and internal Barclays Policies and Policy Standards.

Working Flexibly

We’re committed to providing a supportive and inclusive culture and environment for you to work in. This environment recognises and supports ways to balance your personal needs, alongside the professional needs of our business. Providing the opportunity for all our employees, globally to work flexibly empowers each of us to work in a way that suits our lives as well as enabling us to better service our customers’ and clients’ needs. Whether you have family commitments or you’re a carer, or whether you need study time or wish to pursue personal interests, our approach to working flexibly is designed to help you balance your life. 

If you would like some flexibility then please discuss this with the hiring manager.


As an AVP Senior Software Developer/Feature Team Lead candidate will lead a team of high performing individuals and will undertake/own E2E deliver aspects of project like technical design, development, test (manual & automation) and implementation work principally in regards to Global PayPlus (Finastra product). Team management, GPP technical know-how, development and Devops automation skills are must for this position.

The AVP Senior Software Developer/Feature Team Lead will report to the Engineering Lead  and will be accountable for E2E deliver aspects of assigned project, which includes delivery/project planning, technical design, development, test (manual & automation), defect/issue resolution and production go-live implementation activities.

The AVP Senior Software Developer/Feature Team Lead will maintain their expertise in the GPP technology stack and in the associated development tools and techniques, and will also maintain expert knowledge of the applications for which they have ongoing development responsibility.  The GPP technology stack includes UNIX, MQ, PL/SQL, Oracle, UNIX scripting and basic MQ.

The AVP Senior Software Developer/Feature Team Lead will also contribute to the continuous improvement of the development, test and implementation process by identifying and implementing efficiency and quality improvements. AVP should lead / participate actively in the various engineering transformation initiatives. He/ She must be a good quick learner and should have good understanding of design and test areas.

What will you be doing?

Initial Design & Project Planning – 25%

Use GPP knowledge to contribute to the optimal solution definition / high level design specification for new projects complying with the design guidelines and principles.

Assist in the production of estimates for the design, development of software, refining the estimates to required tolerance as the requirements and design are clarified and expanded.

Provide input into project planning regarding resources, duration, costs and other delivery considerations of which the project management need to be aware.

Keep the Engineering Lead / project management & Product owner informed of progress during the course of the software development

Identify RAIDs, escalating to Engineering Lead / project management as and when necessary.

Team management and Development – 25%

Ensure the work assignment to the team and regular tracking of the same against planned milestones.

Assist the team on technical/functional manner or co-ordinate the adequate level of support.

Keep and follow-up on the development plans for the team members as well extend cross skill opportunities

Lead with examples when it comes to BAU & day to day activities.

Ensure the team feels empowered and enabled to voice their views on the development side among various inter-team meetings.

Manage the project/people level of RAIDs.

Software Development – 40%

Develop software following agreed standards (such as coding standards, UI style guide, help provisioning, error logging etc) using agreed development and code management tools.

Define, frequently review and ensure adherence to code control / code management procedures and standards at all times.

Undertake software unit testing and software component testing, documenting tests and results to the required standards.

Create & maintain the framework that would enable unit test specifications for software components to be developed.

Front face the development area into various stakeholders meeting and provide the rational realistic view from technology perspective.

Manage the stakeholders i.e. seniors and peers to ensure collaborative working culture is established.

Define, review the software creation & delivery oriented processes that would ensure bug-free landing of the change.

Always be inquisitive and intuitive about the area of automation such that wastes can be eliminated.

Must know/learn the basics of Dev-Ops tools and their usage & applicability to the project.

Ensure support to the application management team as required during the post live implementation period, and at any future point where detailed application expertise is required to address production incidents.

Defining and Implementing Software Development Standards - 5%

Assist the Engineering Lead in defining and continuously improving software development standards and processes to drive up quality, efficiency and re-usability of development.

Assist the Engineering Lead in identifying, implementing and continuously improving software development and management tools to achieve maximum development lifecycle productivity.

Personal Development – 5%

Undertake training and related personal development activities to ensure maintenance of expertise in GPP technology stack associated tools to achieve maximum effectiveness in role.

What we’re looking for:

  • Excellent team management and delivery planning skill set.
  • GPP Technology and development skill is must for this position.
    • Knows the technical nuances of the Global Pay plus product such as functional & Technical configuration like message partners, objects, interface setup, payment flow areas etc. well versed.
    • Is familiar with the database ER model of the GPP product
    • Knows about GPP architecture and objects integration as well as installation method
    • Knows the payment processing flows in technical perspective i.e. object scope
    • Aware of ISO payments processing as well as bulking/de-bulking of bulk messages
  • Excellent understanding of payment E2E flows
  • Strong programming skills in Oracle PL/SQL including performance tuning
  • Knowledge of C++ technology i.e. class templates, string manipulations API, memory utilisation best practices as well build tools such as cmake
  • Awareness about Architectural principles – ACID compliance of data, modularity of the components etc
  • Awareness about E2E payment processing checkpoints i.e. injection channel, advices, statements, Accounting & reconciliations
  • Able to propose solutions within GPP architecture
  • MQ, UNIX, Perl – python scripting
  • Triaging the issues in technical manner i.e. traces/logs interpretation
  • Excellent understanding of Test Automation tools/framework (BDD Gherkin/ Selenium)
  • Excellent knowledge of JAVA technologies
  • Overview about micro-services architecture – open source tools
  • Good understanding of platforms such as Cloud, Docker, AWS and other containerisation tools
  • Hands on with Dev-Ops tool such as Jenkins, GIT
  • Well versed with AGILE delivery methodology and can drive iteration progress

Skills that will help you in the role:

  • Fair understanding of the infrastructure layer hosting the application (web-server, MQ manager , High Availability/resiliency techniques, Monitoring tools AppDynamics, Tivoli, ELK etc)
  • Good understanding of the functional design aspects
  • E2E landscape overview of the payment processing system
  • Exposure to ISO message format and the parsing mechanism

Where will you be working?


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