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Mumbai, India

Super dad and supportive husband.

When Barclays approached me for the role of Head of Credit Risk for India, I was living in Singapore but wanting to make the move to India. My parents were there, and I wanted my children to experience life in India. Barclays were very accommodating and allowed me to work from Singapore while I got settled into the business, before gradually moving to Mumbai, where I was based for five years. During this period, I was also given additional responsibility to manage the South East Asia credit risk team.

Then I was offered the role of Asia Chief Risk Officer – a hugely significant promotion both in scope and geographical scale – which meant moving back to Singapore. By then, my family had settled in India and my wife was CEO for a large hospital in Mumbai, so I travelled back and forth for 18 months. It became apparent at this stage, that moving back to Singapore was not the right decision for us, so I asked if, unusually, I could do the regional role from Mumbai – the answer was immediately yes.

This kind of flexibility, and consideration for people’s lives, makes Barclays a special place, with a special culture – and that’s down to the truly contemporary approach to leadership we find here. It means I can give my demanding role everything it requires, and my
family can have all they need, too. I can support my wife in her work where lives are at stake, and we can both devote quality time to our children. Barclays gives us the opportunity to balance all of our priorities, and it makes all the difference to us.

In my role, I’m constantly learning. No matter how senior you become at Barclays, there’s always a chance to improve and develop in your role, and in your career. And when I get home, I’m learning how to be my daughter’s tutor. Whether at work or at home, I have a seat at the table where the big decisions are made and problems are solved. That’s everything I want from life.

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