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After studying law at university, Kamila realised a career in finance would be a better fit. A successful summer internship with the Barclays Client Experience team then helped her discover our Wealth Management and Investment business.

She then decided to apply for a place on their graduate scheme: “I was unsure if I would fit into that business. But the more people I sat down and had coffee with, I realised everyone had a different reason why they enjoyed it – whether it be the focus on relationship management and driving client satisfaction, or working on strategy and stakeholder engagement.”

“The support that I received in those first six months was something that I felt was compelling enough to want to come back. And to this day, I have not been proved wrong.”

For Kamila, it was her ability to establish a relationship with her clients that first got her noticed and encouraged her team to fast-track her progression: “It’s such a big win when you sit down with a client, get to know them and build a relationship that ultimately enables them to achieve their financial objectives. Whether it’s to help their children get on the property ladder, ensure their wealth is structured effectively for the long term, or to help preserve the real value of their capital. The benefit of being in this business for two years is I’ve seen manyclient journey from start to finish, and it’s been really fulfilling.”

Kamila has been able to further her Wealth Management career because her surroundings are ideal for learning and getting the support she needs to build her confidence: “There’s a really strong sense of community and everyone, no matter how senior or junior, is all hands on deck. You’re not afraid to ask silly questions, and it’s not just a line manager or direct-report relationship; it’s a very much a team-based approach.”

“Make sure you’re giving yourself an opportunity where you’re going to learn something new every day, or you’re going to be put in a position which may feel out of your comfort zone, because actually what you’ll get is an opportunity to really grow and develop.”

Another element of Wealth Management and Investments Kamila really enjoys is how rapidly you gain an understanding of the complex world of banking. There was one client meeting where her future seemed clearer than ever: “I just remember walking away feeling quite proud of myself. The client was asking about the market; such as ‘Where’s the FTSE at and what's your view on UK equities?’ and ‘What do we think about the pound?’, and I was able to get involved in those conversations. When we came out, we got a really nice email from the client saying they really valued the meeting and appreciated the prep-work I’d done.”

The graduate scheme has helped Kamila’s career in finance get off to a great start, and now that she's secured a permanent role as a Wealth Manager, she’s looking forward to the future: “It’s easy to think that Wealth Management and Investments is quite traditional but it’s important to stay open minded on the variety of different roles that are available in the business because it really does span way beyond being a Wealth Manager.”