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In a nutshell, Retail Banking find ways to make banking an easy, intuitive and seamless experience for our customers. So we're all pretty much customer-obsessed here.

I started off working on the bank's mobile app and online banking site, looking at where improvements and updates could be made to the different features - and if we could throw anything new into the mix. When I first joined, I didn't realise just how in-depth these apps are: you use them every day without thinking, but there's actually a whole team behind that one button you just pressed. 

I came to Barclays ready to be challenged but also a bit low in confidence. But I quickly found out just how much genuine trust and support there is here. You're given the time and space to make mistakes and learn from them.

As a result, I've been growing and learning at lightning speed. And my confidence? It's skyrocketed.

I'm thriving like never before. In fact, I've found talents I didn't even know I had - and get to use them on a daily basis. 

I've not got what you might consider a 'typical' banking background. I studied English Language and Communication at university, and I'm really not a numbers person. But that's not seen as a downfall in Retail Banking, far from it. After all, we're customers ourselves - we know what experiences we like and those we don't like. And that doesn't require a finance degree. So whatever your background, Barclays could have a role that's perfect for you.