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New York, NY

Car enthusiast and bedtime story expert.

Risk at Barclays is unlike risk at most other places, and most significantly in the market risk function – our teams are embedded into the market businesses. In fact, we sit on the trading floors as part of the decision-making process, working alongside the traders in a very high performance risk business. The relationship works because we can ask the right questions and also offer the right information as independent experts. We have the respect of the traders, and the respect of the business. We’re needed at the table.

It’s a forward-thinking approach to risk, and we’re constantly thinking about what the risk function itself will look like in the future. We’re very aware of the impact of technology – not just on the way we work, but on the kind of work we do. We’re focusing on new and emerging risk, including climate risk, and trying to plan ahead so we have the tools and technologies we need to operate in this new landscape. Even the most junior analysts here can make deep studies into portfolio risks, working closely with data and reporting teams in Mumbai – in most other places, they would not be doing such significant work on a global scale. That makes us very attractive to the talented analysts our future demands.

Technology is also making a difference to our work-life balance at Barclays. I don’t work from home much – two young children will be banging on my door – but many of us do, and the flexibility is there for us if we need it. Technology means we can connect to the Barclays network from home and work very efficiently. I prefer to get in early and leave early so I can see my kids and read the bedtime story. And maybe get an hour or so later to tinker with my car – I’m a bit of a petrol head.

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