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Meet Mary Sheffieck, Technology Business Analyst based in the US

What are you most excited about at the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration?

For the upcoming Grace Hopper celebration, I am most excited about attending the event in person in Orlando, Florida. This will be my first in person Grace Hopper celebration and I look forward to meeting new people and expanding my network.

Have you been to one before? What’s your takeaway memory or lesson?

I attended last year’s virtual Grace Hopper celebration with Barclays, and I really enjoyed getting to meet new people, telling them about my experience joining Barclays as part of the Graduate programme and then becoming a full-time Business Analyst in Technology after completing the two year programme.

Why are you proud of Barclays’ support for the event?

I am proud of Barclays’ support for the Grace Hopper celebration as this is a direct example of Barclays’ commitment to diversity and to hiring diverse candidates.

Why is it important for you personally to get involved and be part of the network of women in Tech around the world?

Personally I think it is important for myself to get involved in the Women in Technology and the Grace Hopper celebration because as a woman in technology this allows me for a network where I can connect with women in technology from across the world, sharing experiences and learning from various mentors.

What would you say to a female/non-binary identifying audience wondering if they’ll be welcome in the Tech world?

My advice for females looking to enter into a career in technology is don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The technology world has been very welcoming and I look forward to seeing even more women in technology in the future.

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