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London, UK

Keen cricketer. School Governor. And, father of daughters.

At Barclays, the job of risk is to preserve our long-term future. It’s endlessly fascinating. Everything that is going on in the world is on our desks. And what’s going on in the world brings massive variety, a huge intensity and a need to get things done to a high standard to a deadline. It’s hard work, but there’s nothing more interesting.

To do this work, we need commercial people, with integrity. People who can command respect and have good judgement. But you also want people who are quite imaginative, who can picture the things that can go wrong in the long term, and see the things others cannot see.

We value these people highly, and we support them to achieve their ambitions. Risk is vital to Barclays, and talented people are vital to Risk. And that’s the difference.

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