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London, UK

Green-fingered. Rugby league lover.

I have always tried to be open to an opportunity if it comes my way, and I love a challenge. Barclays is a business that has offered me that for the last 15 years, and I’m sure opportunities will be here for me for as long as I want to take them.

I started my career with a utilities company as a graduate, before joining an energy company and working my way up to Head of Risk within that world – so I didn’t take a conventional route into banking. When my first daughter was born in 2003, I made the move into banking which suited my new family life better. In effect, this was my third career! I joined Barclaycard as a senior fraud analyst in 2005 and have worked in Risk roles in most areas of Barclays since then – from retail to corporate.

What I’ve discovered about Barclays is that the sheer scale of the Bank means there are many opportunities available if you are willing to be flexible. If you’re needed elsewhere, let go of what you’re doing and take that chance – I was asked to move from Barclaycard to work on the European bank and that was the making of my career.

No matter what role you have in the organisation, you can still learn here from the great people who work around you. Risk is a critical function in any bank, and no more so than at Barclays. Our opinion is truly influential, which draws a nice contrast with home life, where my four daughters have robustly ignored my attempts to interest them in the greatest game, rugby league. Still, we do find the time to get outdoors or in the garden, to play sport and enjoy the local countryside. Life doesn’t have to be all about challenge!

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