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Meet Riley Huang (they/them) - Developer Analyst, Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank, US

What are you most excited about at the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration?

I’m most thrilled about seeing other people like me succeeding. It makes me feel validated watching women, POC, non-binary and trans people being in powerful places. Because it reminds me that I can be there too. It frees me from the Burdon of feeling like my identity, sexuality or permanent anchors – when in reality, the things that make me who I am don’t restrict me.

Have you been to one before? What’s your takeaway memory or lesson?

I attended Grace Hopper in 2020, my takeaway and my realization was that whilst tech has long way to go for equality and acceptance, I felt confident that the companies there are actively choosing us for our talent and giving us opportunities to be successful.

Why are you proud of Barclays’ support for the event?

Everyone can say that they’re ready for a change, that they want change – but it takes action to prove they mean it. Barclays supporting the Grace Hopper Celebration shows that they’re seeking women and non-binary people and makes me feel that our effort to get a male-dominated field to recognize our talent and our work to yield positive results.

Why is it important for you personally to get involved and be part of the network of women in Tech around the world?

I know the pain of not being able to do what you want because of societies assumptions of you. Being part of the Grace Hopper Celebration is also about making a future that my younger self would be proud of. It’s giving me the power to help create a world where people like me are welcome. To be ourselves, succeed and surpass all of the spaces that overlooked us.

What would you say to a female or non-binary identifying audience wondering if they’ll be welcome in the Tech world?

There will always be people who doubt our abilities. It’s important to own our strengths, identify our career goals, take complete ownership of it and never be afraid to let the world see it.