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Prague Technology Centre

What I really like about working in technology is it’s the kind of field where things are always changing, you’re constantly learning new things, and your job never really gets boring. Because if something is repetitive, your job is to automate that.

You get a lot of autonomy over how you do your job, whether that’s flexibility in where and when you get your work done, or getting a lot of say over the process, what technologies you integrate into your projects, and how you design the implementation.

One of the challenges that you face as a technologist is how to gradually evolve the technology that the bank is using and still keep everything running continuously. You have systems with a lot of intricate moving parts, and a lot of responsibility for keeping them stable.

We also have a lot of fun, nerdy, side projects going on in the office. We have a 3D printer for example. And, each quarter we have a coding competition in Prague – it’s a friendly chance for developers to compete and challenge each other.

The other thing that makes Barclays an interesting place is that it’s a global organisation, with offices in a lot of cities around the world. It’s very much true now for technologists that you can chose almost any major city or technology hub and build a career, have growth, and work for globally recognised brands.

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