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New York

From the Far East to East London to the East Coast

One of the most impressive aspects of Risk at Barclays is the sheer diversity. Not just in terms of people – although we are very strong in that area – but also in the diversity of experience that our colleagues have. We are constantly encouraged to try new things and learn new skills in order to grow and develop ourselves.

I joined as an intern 12 years ago in Singapore, and fell in love with the culture and energy at Barclays, even though in University, finance was not my first choice of industry. I was working in technology, and soon found myself working in London as a business analyst. Before long, I needed another challenge and moved into Operations Strategy, which was fascinating. Then, for family reasons, I needed to move to New York, and Barclays helped me to do that: I joined Risk.

I’d no experience in Risk, but both Barclays and I had faith that my skills were transferable, and I started as a Project Manager. Over my time in Risk, my role has evolved from managing issues to managing governance and reporting for Risk controls. It’s a very interesting place to work. With new challenges every day, I am able to leverage my prior experience to jump in and find the right solution to manage the next operational risk. And because we’re such a diverse team, we all have different ideas and approaches, which makes for a rich and stimulating environment that in turn makes us all better risk managers.

The people here are not only approachable and helpful, but they have a strong sense of intellectual integrity. We all benefit from each other in so many ways – we’re interested in doing our very best work, of course, but we’re also keen to support each other to be the best we can be in our careers.

Risk at Barclays is a place where, if you are willing to learn and work hard, you’ll find all the encouragement and support you need to achieve your ambitions. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’ll stay.

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