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Taking the lead

Everything we do at Barclays must start and end with people moving forward in their lives. From supporting them in the digital age through Digital Eagles, to helping them buy their first home. From assisting them to realise their business dreams to enabling young people to make their first, sure moves into the adult world through LifeSkills.

Whatever the future holds, we must be there for our customers, creating opportunities for them to rise and achieve their ambitions. It’s why we exist and our leaders play a big part in turning those opportunities into a reality.

1/3 UK spend goes through Barclays

Technology and consumer expectations are driving huge changes in banking, and we are determined to be at the forefront for our 24 million UK customers. Our leaders are the ones who help us to stay ahead of the game. Not only is it about keeping up in an increasingly tech-focused world, but it’s predicting what customers want next, exceeding their needs and creating innovative financial products that go beyond what people expect.

As a bank with a long and proud history, we’ve continuously shown how disruptive we can be in a transformative industry. From introducing the first ATM to developing the first contactless cards, we’re dedicated to leading the way in making the lives of our customers easier. We see possibilities and opportunities in equal measure, looking to redefine the future of finance wherever we can. We put customers at the heart of that future, and give our colleagues the chance to shape our next innovations. Taking the lead as a business is about productivity, but it’s also about leading a respected workforce who enjoy exceeding expectations.

Inspiring the leaders of the future

We believe that successful leadership in a disruptive world is about the way you think rather than simply the skills you have or where you come from.

We look for a combination of experience, specific capabilities and future potential; people who are aligned to our values and can thrive against a background of ambiguity, change and complexity. Leaders who can be innovative and inspiring; who can achieve in all circumstances and create a resilient, inclusive and adaptive culture. Leaders to help us deliver #trulyconnectedfinance.

Levelling the playing field

We’ve always valued ideas that help us to meet customer needs. With half of our customers, and half of our workforce, being women, staying relatable is key. By inspiring women to stand up and help us to lead the financial future, we’re able to create balance in the workplace and let new perspectives thrive. It means being hyper-dynamic, supportive and providing a great network of people to look up to. Leaders are all around us, no matter who you are, where you’re from – if you have the right mindset, you can challenge the norm and make things happen.

Want a career where the answers are far from obvious? Where you and everyone you work and connect with are part of the solution? Where the customer comes first? Where you can lead a team and inspire others? Be a Barclays UK leader and transform the world of finance.

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