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From building solutions at scale to maintaining superior systems, all while driving change: we want to share the stories of our inspirational colleagues. We’re united in a common purpose of harnessing tech to empower our clients and customers, but every career at Barclays is different. Learn about our inclusive culture and the drive of our colleagues across the globe.

Sustainable technology. It’s happening here.

Technologists at Barclays impact lives. We have a pivotal role to play in helping the global economy transform to address the challenges of climate change. That’s why we’ve created the Technology Office of Sustainability, which puts sustainability at the heart of decision making across our teams.

The nanosecond that makes a difference. It’s happening here.

In the Markets teams at Barclays, success is measured by the largest and smallest of margins. Billions of dollars. Millions of transactions. Hundreds of millions of data points. And, crucially, the nanoseconds it takes our systems to complete a trade.

Democratising data. It’s happening here.

Find out more. Traditionally, banks are very good at collecting and recording data. At the heart of every product, service and transaction there's been the transfer of data. It unlocks limitless potential and is fundamentally tied into the workings of the global economy, and helps our clients and our customers to see the world in a whole new light.

21m customer transactions every Tuesday. It’s happening here.

Tech people are the very core of Barclays. They are at the heart of running our business today. They define our future tomorrow. The nerve centres of Barclays technology are the Command Centres, based across our three tech hubs in Pune, Radbroke, and Whippany. When everything is working smoothly the Command Centres are a constant hive of activity, but when something goes wrong, they are the centre of incident management.

The frontline of cyberwarfare. It’s happening here.

Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is trying to crack Barclays’s cybersecurity. But to do it, they’ll have to get past the Chief Security Office, and that won’t be easy. Fascinating work in cybersecurity. It’s happening here.

Tech with real world impact. It’s happening here.

Everything that Barclays does for our customers matters. And every part of our business runs on technology. But our Financial Assistance teams support customers at the most critical times of their lives. If you want to work on tech that makes a real difference. It’s happening here.

Engineering excellence. It’s happening here.

Engineers are our first line of defence, against financial, operational and reputational risk, and most importantly, against letting our customers down. That’s why we’ve started the Engineering Quality of Life programme which aims to create a consistent Barclays engineering culture. So that a new engineer, dropped into any part of the bank, has everything they need and can feel like they are contributing, from day one.

A global tech community. It’s happening here.

There are around 30,000 people worldwide working in tech roles at Barclays. And they are as diverse as the different business areas they serve, from personal banking to mergers and acquisitions. So if you’re looking for a tech employer who offers real opportunity and mobility, it’s happening here.

Engineering with impact. It’s happening here.

A single piece of code on the Barclays Banking App can handle over 300m transactions a day. It's the scale and impact of even the simplest solutions that make the engineering tasks at Barclays so rewarding. And it’s the constant evolution of technology that means there’s always something new to learn. If you want to work on the smartphone app that’s in 1 in 5 pockets across the UK, it’s happening here.

Award-winning women in tech. It's happening here.

Barclays’ award-winning Women in Technology network runs all kinds of initiatives. But one of the most powerful things we do is ask female senior leaders to tell their career stories. The challenges they faced, the times they lacked confidence, and the ways they overcame those obstacles are a real inspiration to people across Barclays. Talented people with great stories, it’s happening here.

The future of money. It’s happening here.

Technology disruption across the globe is changing the face of banking and payments. If you're looking for a tech employer who is looking into the future of money and exploring a digital pound, it's happening here. 

Fast-moving tech apprenticeships. It's happening here.

Our apprenticeship journeys are as unique as the people who make them, opening the door for a whole new generation of people at Barclays to explore their potential in tech. If you want to work somewhere you can earn while you learn, while you transform tech, it's happening here.

Supportive people, superstar apprentices. It's happening here. 

The experience of Barclays for our apprentices shows that if you want an opportunity to be supported to make a huge difference in tech, our apprenticeship programme is the place to be. Hear from our apprentices telling their experiences of the practically endless opportunities in tech, all whilst balancing studying with a real job. Apprentices making an impact. It's happening here. 

Intelligent automation. It's happening here. 

There are currently nearly 1,400 digital workers across Barclays who owe their roles to Sundar and his team. And they are a pretty impressive bunch. They work in practically every aspect of the Group’s operations. They manage 7.4 million transactions a year. And they never take holidays or sick days. If you want to learn about the bots, workflows and algorithms that play a leading role in intelligent automation solutions at Barclays, it's happening here. 

Hackathons that change lives. It's happening here. 

In tech at Barclays, we are committed to championing innovation and sustainability. Codefest was a hackathon created by colleagues, for colleagues. Bringing global tech teams together while supporting a charity and making a difference, it's happening here. 

It's happening at Barclays

Be a part of a place where challenges are measured in billions, qubits and nanoseconds. Build your career in an environment where we’re advancing machine learning, leveraging blockchains, and harnessing FinTech.

We are shaping the future of financial technology. Why not join us and make it happen here? Explore Technology at Barclays here.