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You’re an experienced trading specialist, looking to build momentum in your career. You want fast-paced variety. A sense of impact. Recognition and reward. And you want to be surrounded by an inclusive team who’ll help you enjoy every minute of your work. It’s time you talked to the Markets team at Barclays.

A collaborative, caring team

You’ll spend much of your time here interacting with your colleagues, so you want somewhere that can offer you a collaborative culture. You’ll find that here, amongst people who’ll be there to help however they can.

“As a trader at Barclays, you’re constantly talking to your team, sharing market colour, and I genuinely get on exceptionally well with my colleagues. It’s so important that you enjoy your time. So much so, I’d say that my favourite part of my role is the desk itself.” - Kiran, Emerging Markets Credit Trader (UK)

Progress based on merit

We celebrate diversity here, and people with ambition, drive and potential are recognised and rewarded. We never want you to feel like you don’t fit in. We’ll support you to be your whole self, and to thrive with us.

“People care about your ability to drive business, whether that’s providing insight for our clients, pricing accurately and precisely, or monetising trades. I think that if you’ve got the skills, you’ll be heard and respected, just like everyone else.” - Allison, Emerging Markets FX Trading Desk Analyst (US)

Image of Allison from Markets, New York

A worldwide network of specialists

Joining Barclays, you’ll find a global network of specialists like you; approachable colleagues whose knowledge you can call on whenever you need it. You’ll support each other’s work, exchange insight and experience, and get new perspective that pushes your career forward.

When you’re working for a bank, sales and trading really rely on one another. We have to work together as a team to create a product offering that serves our bank and our customers. It means I get to talk to a lot of interesting people about market views, both internally and externally. - Devika, Trading Team Director (Singapore)

Image of Devika, Singapore

A sense of impact in a changing world

As a trader, you’re always abreast of current events. When you join a future-focused global bank like ours, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of markets on a worldwide scale. It brings a real sense of impact and pride in what you do, and makes every day rewarding.

My team are responsible for market-making European government bonds, so that’s the debt of European governments. We buy the bonds at auction, provide liquidity to a broad set of clients, and help central banks to implement monetary policy via quantitative easing. Not only is it a fascinating and exciting role, but it’s also incredibly important at the moment, as we see a sizeable fiscal and monetary response to the COVID-19 crisis. - Sarah, Head of European Government Bond Trading, Managing Director (UK)

A space waiting for you

Whether you join us in Europe and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, or the Americas, we hope one thing is clear: you and your experience will always be celebrated on our trading desks. In this collaborate environment, you’ll find recognition for your talent, space for your ideas, and support for what you want to become. Ready to help us drive our bank forward?

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