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Instead of in-person conferences and quick chats over coffee, what are the best opportunities to make new connections?

This might well be the right time to take new strides in your career – thanks to virtual events. Much more than just an online talk, these are often opportunities to develop valuable working relationships, immerse yourself in new industries and new skills, learn about new opportunities, meet diverse people, and get inspired.

Learn from leaders, in your own time

Virtual events offer a lot of benefits – particularly if your lifestyle means you need to be flexible with your time. You can listen to a wide variety of industry experts from your couch; replay panel sessions you missed; or even dip into keynote speeches during your lunchbreak, without needing to book the afternoon off to travel to the venue. It means a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, no matter your interests or your busy schedule.

Have your questions heard – or seen

Whether it’s the opportunity to type questions in a sidebar, or digital ‘raise your hand’ functions to get the speaker’s attention, you’ll find all sorts of ways to have your voice heard at virtual events. Whatever you’re curious about, it’s the chance to get your questions answered by experts.

It also means other attendees will take note of you too: everyone can usually see your questions and if you strike a chord, someone might well follow up with you. Pay attention too to other questions from the audience: if someone brings up something that relates to your work, you might like to get in touch to chat about your shared interests.

Make one-to-one connections

Virtual events aren’t just about large-scale talks. You’ll find that many offer features like break-out sessions or rooms, where you can follow up live with the speaker and attendees. Some even offer options like speed networking, where you’ll spend a set time with a wide range of industry professionals, get to know each other quickly and easily, and make new links across your sector.

Far from just an opportunity to listen, the variety of virtual options available mean that you might well meet a future employer or a future colleague and start to build relationships that last throughout your career – and you’ll do it all from your living room.

Explore new career paths

Wondering about a career change? Virtual events make it easier than ever to explore new paths. Engaging with employers online and attending events in new industries means you can dip your toe into a new recruitment space, find out whether it interests you, and potentially even make connections to help you transition into your new field.

Do all that and more with Barclays events

Whether it’s getting to know our leaders or asking questions about our business; having one-to-one chats or learning how you could change your career path, our events at Barclays are here for all that and more.

With endless career paths to follow, innovative technologies to explore, and depth of knowledge to be shared, we can’t wait to welcome you to our virtual events. 

Ready to get started? Keep an eye on our careers site to explore options and sign up for emails and updates – then follow us on social media to find out about upcoming events.

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