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Prague Technology Centre

I joined Barclays Prague as in intern in 2012. Within 10 weeks I was working on technology that was new to me, at a scale of hundreds of gigabytes of data, and I was offered a graduate position with the business. My graduate programme consisted of two six month rotations, ending up in the Research Team where I chose to stay.

"Within a year I had improved the current prototype"

In 2014, I started working on the Recommender system, a backlog project that fascinated me so much I began to study it in my free time. Within a year I had improved the current prototype and was leading the project as main coder, architect, persuader and presenter. I attracted another graduate to the project, and together we took it into successful production. 

I was proud to see the positive impact it had on our clients, and as a result I’ve been asked to bring my skills to a new and more challenging project.

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